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I International Scientific and Practical Conference

October 10-12, 2018 Tambov, Russia


Materials of Conference:
Participation in the Conference

To participate in the conference, please fill in the registration form on the website http:// Deadline for registration is May 18, 2018. There are two forms of participation- full-time (personal presence) and part-time (correspondence). Full-time means participation both with abstracts of the report (oral, poster or without speech) and without it (simple participation). For correspondence participation it is enough to send abstracts.

Presentation of reports

Oral presentations should be in the form of a free presentation in PPT or PPTX format in Russian or English. Presentation time is 15 min including questions and discussion.
Poster presentations are presented in the form of a presentation in English, printed on a sheet/canvas format A0 (width 841 mm, height 1189 mm).
Submission of report abstracts
Prepared and formatted according to the given requirements materials must be emailed on no later than May 18, 2018.
I. Size: 2 to 4 pages.
II. Conference paper guidelines:
- А4 page format;
- page orientation– portrait;
- margins – 2cm from all sides;
- font – Times New Roman;
- font size – 14;
- line interval – 1,5;
- paragraph indention – 1,25 cm;
- letter spacing – regular;
- word spacing – one character;
- hyphenation – not allowed;
- text alignment – justified;
- the hyphen (short) must be different from the dash (long);
- inverted commas – “_____”;
- style – regular;
- mathematical formula editor – Microsoft Equation 3.0;
- figures – black and white, without halftones, formats TIFF, JPG (bitmap images) and WMF, EMF, CDR (vector images) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Charts from MS Excel, MS Visio programs should be submitted by the source file. Orientation– portrait;
- tables – portrait orientation, open (no lines from the left and from the right), the header of the table is one size smaller than the main text, table gaps are given manually (not automatically);
- references are given at the end of the article, compiled according to GOST Standard 7.1–2003, 7.0.9–2009, are numbered manually (not automatically);
- internal references to the reference list are given in square brackets. Automatic page links are not allowed.

III. Requirements to Reference List Compilation:
- UDC;
- article heading in Russian - in lowercase letters;
- article heading in English - in lowercase letters;
- article abstract in Russian (maximum 6 lines);
- article abstract in English;
- Index terms in Russian (the optimal number 3 to 7);
- Index terms in English.

IV. Information about Authors:
- last name (in full), first name and patronymic (abbreviated) in Russian -lowercase letters, e.g. Иванов И.И.;
- last name (in full), first name and patronymic (abbreviated) in a space in English (transliteration is allowed)- lowercase letters, e.g. Ivanov I. I.;
- place of work of each author – official full name in Russian, e.g. ФГБОУ ВО «Тамбовский государственный технический университет»;
- place of work of each author – official full name in English, e.g. Tambov State Technical University);
- place of residence of an author(s) – in Russian, e.g., Тамбов;
- place of residence of an author(s) – in English, e.g., Tambov;
- academic degree, title, position of authors in Russian - according to the rules of abbreviation, e.g. д-р техн. наук, проф., зав. каф. или канд. физ.-мат. наук, доц.;
- academic degree, title, position of authors in English in full, e.g. Doctor of Technical Science, Professor.

Approximate version of the scientific article

In the upper left corner – UDC.
In the center: in lowercase Italic letters – the author’s initials separated by a space, last name in full.
Under them without a space - in lowercase letters- organization name, city.
The author’s email address should be given next.
In the center in lowercase bold letters- the title of the article.
Summary –size 12. The word “Abstract” is given first, then colon, text.
Then index terms – size 12. At first the phrase “Index terms”, colon, text.
Article text.
Reference list completes the article – size 14.
In addition, at the end of the article you should provide basic information in English:
In the center; lowercase Italic letters – the author’s initials separated by a space, last name in full in English.
Under them without a space - in lowercase letters- organization name, city in English.
In the center in lowercase bold letters- the title of the article in English.
The next line – abstract in English – at first the word «Abstract», colon, text.
The next line – index terms in English– at first the phrase «Index terms», colon, text.
Reference list in English (for Russian editions – transliteration, for English ones – original name).
Examples of design of the most common references to Russian and English sources:
1. Кучерова А.Е., Бураков А.Е., Романцова И.В. Наномодифицированные сорбенты для технической водоподготовки и очистки сточных вод // Проблемы техногенной безопасности и устойчивого развития: сб. науч. стат. мол. уч., асп. и студ. - 2014. - Вып. V. - С. 131-134. (article in a Russian language journal /papers collection)
2. Кельцев Н.В. Основы адсорбционной техники. М.: Химия, 1976. 511 с. (book, Russian language edition)
3. Melezhik A.V, Pershin V.F., Memetov N.R., Tkachev A.G. Mechanochemical synthesis of graphene nanoplatelets from expanded graphite compound. Nanotechnologies in Russia, Vol. 11, no. 7-8, pp. 421-429. (article in an English language journal/ papers collection)
4. Katsnelson M.I. Graphene: carbon in two dimensions. New York, Cambridge University Press, 2012, 363 p. (book, English language edition)
Venue and accommodation of participants
The conference will be held in Tambov State Technical University (106, Sovetskaya Str., Tambov, Russia). Accommodation of nonresident participants is planned in hotels of the city.
All information about the conference, participation in its work and abstracts can be obtained from the Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the conference Dmitry O.Zavrazhin, tel. 7(4752) 63-07-38, email:
Additional information is available on the website

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